My day

Well today was my b-day I am 15 now WHOOP WHOOP. I had an awesome b-day my parents took me out to a really cool Japanese restaurant were they like cook the food right in front of you it was really cool. And from my parents I got my purity ring. So I wanted to right this purity prayer. So here it is.

                                                                 Purity Prayer

This ring stands for purity, A promise between You and me, To keep me on a path of righteousness So your plan I will see. I know you have a special person for me, My one true love, To whom You have chosen, And sent from above. This person I will wait for Because it is Your heavenly will. Until that day When he makes my heart stand still. This is the promise I make With the help of You, Lord and family, I know that when I succeed My blessings will be plenty.


~ by Amber on March 11, 2008.

7 Responses to “My day”


  2. Beautiful poem written by a beautiful girl! Happy Birthday sweetie! 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday Amber!

  4. happy birthday my lovely friend!!! =) love you

  5. Happy B-day girl!! I want to see a pic of your gift

  6. Amber,
    We’re so proud of you, and we love you sooooooo much.
    Grandpa, & Grandma Lynda

  7. happy late birthday!!

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