Youth retreat pics

Here are some pics from the retreat. ENJOY!!!!!  🙂


~ by Amber on January 21, 2008.

13 Responses to “Youth retreat pics”

  1. awesomeerific! looks like it was fun. tell me what you guys did!

  2. awesomeness! yeah that was so mucho fun-o!

  3. it was awesome the fear factor was the worse but train wreck was so mucho fun lol.

  4. yeah train wreck was the best and i wish
    i didnt quit fear factor lol whatever

  5. haha you guys played train wreck! i love that game.

    But about coming to the Rock Band party thingy, I would just have to check with my mom but that would be fun!

  6. yeah during that train wreck game… my pants had a HUGE hole up really high on my leg like almost inappropriate! and it got bigger since we were running around!

    and i SO did not mean to get up when mrs. mcbride said “i have never had back hair”!! ugg…. i thought she said “i have never had hair touch my back” like someone else had said before and i wasnt paying attention! that was sooooooooo embrassing!!!! ugg… oh well!

    we’ll have to start playing that game more often!!!

  7. What is that green thing on your tooth?

  8. uggg….. thats gum

  9. man…. that was just so mucho fun!

  10. hey i heard your family had another incident with syrup!!! ha ha ha that must stink (not literally but you knwo what i mean right?) man.. what a sticky mess!!!! not cool.

  11. Yea I was getting a drink of milk and when I was putting the milk carton away I hit the syrup and it went every were

  12. man… that stinks. twice in one week! man.. the curse of the syrup strikes again!!!! =P

  13. LOL

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