Sugar Cookies

Every year for a tradition in our family we make sugar cookies and we frost them. So here are some pics of us making the sugar cookies.


~ by Amber on December 11, 2007.

8 Responses to “Sugar Cookies”

  1. dude i want to make some sugar cookies! lol we could make them in the shape of guitars! 😀

  2. pretty good looking cookies

  3. LOL that would awesome if I had a guitar shape cookie cutter.

  4. oh BTW!!!! that wasn;t my mom who said that…. that was me! for some reason it made it that look like she said it

  5. oh sure make the cookies when the fat lady leaves….no fair!!

  6. you gind that funny dont you but yeah its not BROKEN!! :p my memorys still there so ha!!!!!

    anyways. your mom was supossed to come down here today so we could bake cookiesbut yeah were doing the same thing!

  7. me and my family…….. we’re LOVING ur cookies! LOL

  8. i like it

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