Something different

Can you tell me whats different??


~ by Amber on November 7, 2007.

15 Responses to “Something different”

  1. hair color i think… u got ur hair dyed? (and ur not wearing glasses in the first pic

  2. Yep I dyed my hair the glasses don’t matter

  3. one of them you are happy and the other one you are amber…hehe

  4. OMG!!!!!!!! you dyed your hair!!!!!! thats soooooo awesome! it looks GREAT!!! 😀

  5. Thanks I cant wait until tomorrow night.

  6. i know!!!! its going to be sooooo cool! i’m bringing my camera (well… i should say my dad’s camera) so we can take awesome/fun pictures and stuff like that! 😀 see you tmrw night! ❤

  7. is ur hair now a dark red/black color? i cant really tell….. its looks awesome! i want to get some highlights in my hair to lighten it up a little.

  8. which is the color you have now? haha.

  9. My hair is red

  10. OH! okay! i like it 😀

  11. it really looks great amber

  12. Thanks

  13. man.. that concert was pretty cool last night. and i was suprised i was wide awake this morning. i didnt get to bed till 12:30am!!!!!!

  14. I was SOOOO tired today.

  15. i was tired this morning but then i was WIDE awake! lol hey you should see the pictures on my blog. i added the pics from yesterday and i made my own “color people” pictures! they are pretty awesome! ttyl

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