My Brother

OK today my brother had to get 2 stitch’s on his head. “Why”because my brother was outside and decided to sit on top of a play house we have in the backyard  it was close to the edge of the deck. Well he leaned back to far and fell of the deck we don’t know what he hit his head on. But I feel so bad for my brother because they had to shave a patch of hair of to be able to put the stitches in. So my brother has this one bald spot on his head. Poor Jamie.


~ by Amber on October 22, 2007.

2 Responses to “My Brother”

  1. oh poor thing…give him a big kiss for me……(arent stitches more of an Amber thing??)

  2. Ha ha your funny. But yeah I was surprised that Jamie had to go get stitches.

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