transformers_movie_poster_optimus_prime.jpg I loved the Transformers movie. It was AWESOME!!!! I can’t wait until the second one comes out. I think this was my favorite movie of the whole summer. My favorite parts were of course the fighting scenes THEY WERE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! I suggest if you haven’t seen the movie yet go see it. It was really cool seeing it in the theaters.transformers_movie_poster_megatron.jpg


~ by Amber on August 29, 2007.

One Response to “Transformers”

  1. DUDE!!! I SAW THAT MOVIE TWO TIMES IN THEATER! the first time was with IV, Josh, and Alex and IV won’t stop talking during the movie! i had to yell at him multiple times!! (i recommend not going to the theaters with my brother! talks too much!) the second time was with Rita, Matt, and Jon!!!! 🙂 that was AWESOME! and Jon keep yelling at the slow, matrix parts! lol Matt and Jon have seen it 9 TIMES IN THEATER!!!! WOAH!

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