Soccer and Football

Me and some friend’s playing football.I love sports. When it comes to any sport I can be very competitive. Soccer is my favorite sport of all . I am so excited, this year I will be on my very first soccer team . Which makes me really happy. I love playing football with friends. I can’t throw very well but I can catch. My dad is a big fan of the RaidersThe Raiders. I am not really a big fan of any football teams. For soccer I like Brazil or what ever team David Beckham is on which is Galaxy, yeah! Here is a picture of me and my friends playing some football. But you can’t see me. Isn’t that sad.(just kidding)


~ by Amber on August 28, 2007.

2 Responses to “Soccer and Football”

  1. hey i took that pic!!! lol 🙂 thats so cool that you’ll be on a soccer team! you’ll have to give me and rita dates so we can come and cheer you on and embrass you! just kidding! but we would like to watch you play!!!

  2. I just have to get the dates when im playing. I didn’t know you took the pic THANKS.

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