Barney and Power Ranger’s

barney.jpgOK people I used to love Barney when I was little. I would watch him every day. Now when my little sisters are watching this show I say to myself “WHY”? Oh and my other favorite TV show was Power Rangers. I was always the pink one. I hate pink now.moib3caa37c8gcadrahdqcab4ns3xcasxqvticam36bbhcazqhztccaoj4l3mcaq62l3ica7rhi34cauzrejicaal36oxcaa8cu0ecafrvgi6catadr8ncam5x0occaup4kcwca2ywgc1cakrtnxbca3rmf5i.jpgWell that was some of my child hood shows for you.


~ by Amber on August 28, 2007.

3 Responses to “Barney and Power Ranger’s”

  1. uggg… as a VERY little girl i liked barney and whats funny is that i liked power rangers too! but didnt get to watch it as much. WEIRD! but i also loved sailor moon. i had a sailor moon lunch box! lol

  2. Oh my gosh I loved sailor moon to. I had a sailor moon wand .

  3. As a (very) little boy, I LOVED Barney. (don’t ask me why.) Bercuase of him, my second favorite color (other than red, which is awesome.) was purple.

    (just FYI, I don’t like Barney at all anymore. lol)

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